Shipping Instructions for:

Africa/Asia/Canada*/Mexico*/New Zealand/Etc.

Option 1 : Port of New York

For Shipments originating from outside the USA, make sure all of your paperwork is in order and that all of the proper permits have been applied for and received. (Your outfitter will assist you in obtaining the proper paperwork for the species hunted.) Put a complete set in the box, attach two sets to the outside and send another to Rapalee Taxidermy. We CANNOT process your shipment without the proper papers and permits.

*Canada and Mexico trophies can be brought back with you by vehicle or air travel. However, you need to be 100% sure all of your papers are applied for and obtained. Your trophies will be held at the border if your paperwork is not correct.

All shipments originating outside the United States should be sent freight collect through the port of New York as follows:

Hunter' Name:_____________________
c/o Rapalee Taxidermy Inc. (USDA Approved)
via Fauna & Flora Custom House Brokerage Co.,Inc.
152-31 135th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11434
JFK International Airport

Please contact John Meehan of Fauna and Flora (718-977-7700) to arrange the necessary paperwork for entry of your trophies. Upon clearance of your trophies in New York, an agent of Fauna and Flora will contact you directly for payment prior to releasing the shipment to us.